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Connector manufacturers

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Connector manufacturers Introduction TE is a world leader in providing electrical connectors, connectivity products and sensor solutions for the electronics industry. TE connectors are a portfolio of products specifically designed for power transmission in harsh conditions or situations where data integrity is critical. Regardless of the environment in which the devices are used, they ensure a reliable connection, even in extreme situations. TE鈥檚 most popular connectors types are as under: 1. RJ45 Connectors 2. USB Connectors 3. MOS Automotive Connectors 4. FAKRA R Connector Systems 5. AMP Connectors 6. Faston Receptacles, terminals, and splices 7. Automotive Connector Housings 8. Deutsch Connectors, Contacts, cables, and more 9. Ring Terminals and spade terminals For Goowell, we are more often to use TE鈥檚 USB Type C Connectors, RJ45 network connectors, and Ring Terminals and Spade terminals, Automotive connectors. Goowell TE AMP 63080 6.35mm Pitch 100mm length Male to Female Big Current Power Terminal Cable Here is one connector brief introduction for your reference: TE Connectivity, Micro MATE-N-LOK Female Connector Housing, 3mm Pitch, 8 Way, 2 Row This type of TE connector system is a wire-to-board and panel connection with contacts located on a 3 mm centerline. The product's low profile design makes it ideal for use in LED lighting applications where height may be limited, such as inside cabinets or under shelves. The plug has double insulation and maintains good soldering characteristics due to its narrow width, which effectively prevents electrical interference when connecting wires of different voltage levels together.Connector manufacturers website: